• Library services are provided to all registered users of university library free of charge.
  • Users are: students, undergraduates, doctoral candidates, faculty, scientists and staff of higher education institution.
  • Users have the right to use main types of library and information services free of charge.
  • Users are given the following opportunities:
    • Obtaining full information on the structure of library fund through the electronic catalogue and other forms of library informing.
    • Receiving advisory help in search and choice of sources of information.
    • Receiving in temporary use books and other sources of information.
The reader has to:
  • Make thrifty use of the books and other materials received from library fund.
  • Return books at scheduled time.
  • Not to take out the book from rooms if they are not noted in the reader's form.
  • Not to do marks, underlinings in books, not to pull out and not to bend pages.

Students of bachelor degree get the library card, while registration, under which they can receive books both in subscription, and in the reading room. Undergraduates, according to reader's forms, can take books in temporary use in the reading room by the certificate of the undergraduate. When obtaining library documents, the user has to glance carefully over books and, in case of detection of any defects, report about it to the librarian, otherwise responsibility for damage of books is considered to be done by the user who received the edition the last.

Users are obliged to address carefully with the library card. It is forbidden to give the library (student's) card to other person, and also to use someone else's library (student's) card. In case of violation of this rule, users bear responsibility, up to deprivation of the right of use of library. Annually users are obliged to re-register library cards in the terms established by library. The users who did not pass re-registration are not served by library. The students who did not hand over the book in library at the end of the academic year are not served in new academic year, before full return of a debt.

The readers responsible for loss or unintentional damage of books replace them with the same editions or editions recognized by library equivalent, in case of impossibility of replacement – compensate actual market value. The readers who violated instructions for use or caused to library damage bear administrative, civil (material) or criminal liability in the forms provided by the current legislation, the provision on library and instructions for use of library.

For violation of the library rules readers lose the right of use of all library services from one to six months:
  • for one month - for use of someone else's library card;
  • for one month – for violation of silence in the reading room;
  • for three months - for damage of library books and magazines;
  • for six months - for insult of library workers;

Information about certain readers violation of instructions are transferred for consideration to dean's offices, labor collectives.

When graduating from the university readers are obliged to return books and library cards to library.


  • Readers show the library card and, after obtaining necessary editions, books, etc. undersign a form of each edition in the reading room.
  • The number of books and other materials given in reading rooms is not limited. With the single increased demand, the number of books, can be limited.
  • The literature given to the reading room from the main book-depository, may be reserved for a certain term.
  • Encyclopedias and other reference media, rare and valuable books are issued only for work in reading rooms.
  • Number of unpublished materials: the theses, abstracts, etc., as a rule, are not limited.
  • It is not allowed to enter reading rooms with personal books, magazines, cuttings from printing editions and other printing materials.
  • It is forbidden to take out books from reading rooms without the permission of librarians.


    • Use of computers in the reading room is carried out from 8:30 till 18:30 o'clock.
    • The student has to switch on and off accurately the computer : to take CDs disks, USB sticks and other additional devices.
    • For use of the computer the student has to show the library or student ID card surely.
    • A student can work at each computer only individually. If two or several people work at one computer, they will be removed from the reading room.
    • It is strictly forbidden to enter on dating sites, games and other websites which are not relating to studies during the work with Internet.
    • Students who violated instructions will be deprived of opportunity further to use services of Internet in library. It will be noted about violation of the library rules in their reader's form and the electronic Reader database.

    Priority objectives of the library development

    • Creation of effective mechanisms of interaction with structural divisions of the university participating in scientifically-educational process;
    • Introduction of management system of quality, information-library maintenance of quality of experts preparation;
    • Fund acquisition on specialities, fund completion on the most demanded disciplines;
    • Repertoire expansion of library services, their quality increase on the basis of the library hardware, a computerization of library-information processes;
    • Carrying out of scientific research and methodical work concerning the library and information-bibliographic service;
    • Development of electronic library;
    • Implementation of economic activity in order to improve library services;
    • Quality of staff;
    • Creating a positive public opinion about the library, development of technology for social partnership for meeting the needs of readers.