ACCA F6 Russia Exam Kit Taxation (2011)

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A well-written and focused text, which will prepare you for the examination and which does not contain unnecessary information.

  • Comprehensive but concise coverage of the examiination syllabus
  • A focus on key topic areas identified by specialist tutors
  • Simple English with clear and attractive layout
  • A large bank of practice questions which test knowledge and application for each chapter
  • A full index
  • The text is written by Emile Woolf International’s publishing division (EWIP). The only publishing company focused purely on the ACCA examinations.
  • EWIP’s highly experienced tutors/ writers produce study materials for the professional examinations of the ACCA.
  • EWIP’s book are reliable and up-to-date with a user-friendly style and focused on what students need to know to pass the ACCA examinations.
  • EWIP’s association with the world renowned Emile Woolf Colleges means it has incorporated student feedback from around the world including China, Russia and the UK.

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