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In revising Economics, Second Edition, we sought the advice of many users of the first edition. We were heartened by their encouragements and attentive to their criticisms. In general, we feel the second edition reflect the improved coverage that three authors, each writing extensively within his own speciality areas, can bring to an introductory text. More specifically, the second edition features:

  • New chapter pedagogy
  • Fully integrated ancillary package
  • Extensively revised Macroeconomics, especially in the coverage of monetarism and money and banking
  • Increased coverage of production and cost i Microeconomics, plus a continued focus on application
  • Revised coverage of industrial market theory
  • Improved coverage of international economics
  • New coverage of the national debt and the balance of payments
  • Many new “Perspectives” boxes
  • Nine special “Dialogues”, in which economists aegue two sides of an important issue
  • An all new Appendix, “The Nobel Laureates in Economics,” which includes biographical information and drawings of these premier economists.
  • A new computerized Test Bank, which can draw all the figures that accompany graphing-type questions
  • A new computerized version of the Study Guide with graph manipulation capabilities and exercises designed to make graphs and graphing useful tools (rather than painful obstacles) for introductory-level Economics students.

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