Foundations of Economics

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Foundation of Economics is written specifically for students taking their first module in economics, and is especially well-suited to non-specialist students. Written in a highly engaging style, and supported by clear diagrams, it is packed with learning features to instil absolute confidence in the subject.

Whether your degree program is Business, Management, Accounting, or something completely different, a thorough grasp of fundamental economics will equip you with the tools to make better decisions within business , government, and everyday life.

New to this edition:

  • Updated case studies throughout , with an increased focus on international examples to reflect global issues in economics.
  • Additional questions added to every chapter, to help you demonstrate and apply your understanding of each topic.
  • New ‘debate’ activity to stimulate critical analysis of economic issues.
  • New ‘data analysis’ feature to encourage hands-on engagement with real-world economic data.


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