Introduction to Business

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A course on the Introduction to Business can be one of the most important courses for students. It provides the foundation of business knowledge and may steer the student’s future academic and professional career into business. This text is written and organized in a manner that prepares students for careers in businesss. The text is organized into seven parts.Part I of the text explains how to establish a business, how to choose a type of business organization, and how to establish ethics guidelines, for the business. Part II decribes how a business can be affected by the business environment (economic, industry, and global conditions).  Part III and IV focus on the management of a business, while Part V focuses on the marketing, and Part VI explains the financial management  of the business. Part VII discusses other business topics.

This textbook is designed to prepare students for the business world by focusing on business concepts, without  dwelling only on definition. It uses a unique approach to place students in positions as decision-makers so that they can truly understand the dillemas faced by business.



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