Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

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A comprehensive survey for either the undergraduate or graduate student, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management provides in-depth coverage of the fundamental investments and portfolio management issues. The fourth edition continues the book’s tradition of strong theoretical and practical coverage with

  • Expanded global coverage throughout the book and particularly in Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, and 12.
  • More emphasis upon derivative instruments including two new chapters, “An Introduction to Derivative Markets and Securities” and “Advanced Topics on Options and Futures”.
  • Reorganization that more effectively follows the progressive learning process. The theory section, Part II, has been expanded to include all the key introductory concepts that will be crucial as students learn to apply them to the valuation of securities portfolio management in a global environment. Part III is now devoted entirely to valuation, building a firm foundation for the analysis issues which follow in Parts IV, V and VI.
  • Two color design that enhances graphs, charts, and tables as well as highlighting the numerous international discussions.
  • New Student-Oriented Ancillary Package: STUDY GUIDE provides additional problems and review material to reinforce students’ understanding. PORTFOLIO MANAGER FOR THE PERSONAL COMPUTER includes numerous computer programs to aid in important calculations and a global financial database that allows students to perform key investment analyses and management decisions with real U.S. and foreign data.



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