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A classic presentation that has eilluminated macroeconomics for a whole generation of students, Gordon’s Macroeconomics continueswith its hallmark strengths and new insights on the American economy at the millenium.

New Perspectives

  • Unique, authoritative treatment of the outstanding performance of the “Goldilocks” American economy of the 1990s, with its low inflation, low unemp;oyment, reviving productivity growth, and emerrging government budget surplus
  • Lucid explanations of recent international macro events such as the Asian financial crisis, the Japanese slump, the role of global markets n propelling the American boom, the advent of the euro, and the causes of continuing high unemployment in Europe.
  • Fresh viewpoints from a widely-quoted author  on real-world economic phenomena, including the five “beneficial supply shocks” that contributed to low inflationin the late 1990, the role of measurement errors in explainingslow growth in productivityand real wages, the impact of the “new economy” in contributing to the recent productivity rrevival, and the tension between new and old theories of economic growth.


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