Money, Banking and Financial Markets

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Money and the financial system — An introduction to money and the financial system — Money and the payments system — Interest rates, financial instruments, and financial markets — Future value, present value, and interest rates — Bonds, bond prices, and the determination of interest rates — The risk and term structure of interest rates — Stocks, stock markets, and market efficiency — Derivatives: futures, options, and swaps — Foreign exchange — Financial institutions — The economics of financial intermediation — Depository institutions: banks and bank management — Financial industry structure — Regulating the financial system — Central banks, monetary policy, and financial stability — Central banks in the world today — The structure of central banks: the federal reserve and the european central bank — The central bank balance sheet and the money supply process — Monetary policy: stabilizing the domestic economy — Exchange-rate policy and the central bank — Money growth, money demand, and modern monetary policy.



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