Organizational Behaviour

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Organizational Behaviour is one of the most established and engaging books of its kind available today. Whatever your background, Huczynski and Buchanan will enable you to view organizations and their actions in a whole new way. The authors’ hugely popular blend of critical thinking, social science underpinning and highly accessible writing style ensures  that this book offers the perfect introduction to organizational behaviour.

Organizational behaviour inspires readers to think and to reflect critically on the theories presented, teaching you to see the reality behind projected organizational images and link theory to practice. The text also recognizes the diverse social and cultural factors that affect behaviour in organizations. This eighth edition incorporates numerous innovative features that add further value to its comprehensive coverage of the field. This book:

  • Encourages readers to make comparisons between organizational behaviour theories and well-known scenes in film and literature that illustrate the issues in a memorable and engaging format.
  • Offers exercises in each chapter that put you in the position of a manager faced with a decision, giving you the chance to make and justify your decisions in a realistic scenario.
  • Includes innovative and increasingly relevant employability content that gives you the chance to develop the key skills you will need after graduation.
  • Consistently incorporates illuminating examples from diverse and interesting organizations, such as BMW, FC Barcelona, and the United States Department of Homeland Security, helping you link the theory to practice.
  • Includes the latest research, theory and practice, along with relevant contemporary issues and practical examples.

This book can be used by any student, either undergraduate or postgraduate, or professional and assumes no prior knowledge. It is the ideal comprehensive introduction to organizational behaviour.




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