The Economist Guide to Economic Indicators: Making Sense of Economics

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From the publishers of The Economist, the renowed international business weekly, this practical resource offers a detailed road map of all the major – and many of the less well-known – economic indicators in existence today. Explaining exactly wwhat they are, why they are significant, how reliable they are, and-perhaps, most importantly-how to interpret them, it covers over 100 indicators, including:

  • GDP
  • Population, employment, unemployment
  • Public expenditure
  • Personal and disposable income
  • Fixed investments
  • Imports and exports
  • Nominal exchange rates
  • Money supply and money stock
  • Wagees, earnings, and labor costs.

Clearly organized, accurate, and accessible, The Economist Guide to Economic Indicators is an indispensable reference for understanding key economic data from around the world.


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