The Harvard Entrepreneurs Club Guide to Starting Your Own Business

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Are you a college student or recent graduate with a great idea fora business?

You’re not alone. All across the country, more and more studentsare seeking advice on starting their own businesses. Theentrepreneurial spirit is thriving at Harvard, where many students,past and present, have become successful business owners–evenfounders of Fortune 500 companies. Now, some of the bright minds ofthe Harvard Entrepreneurs Club, a recognized student organizationof Harvard College, have compiled their business knowledge andexperience into one comprehensive manual to aid students in makingtheir entrepreneurial dreams come true. This professional andpractical guide will take you step by step through the process ofstarting and maintaining a business. Poonam Sharma and fellowmembers of the Club have tailored this useful resource to theunique issues and obstacles that students will face. You’ll receiveinvaluable advice on formulating a business plan, advertising,legal protection, business ethics, and much more.

Even if you have no professional experience, little marketingknow-how, or even a small bank account, this book can teach you howto join the ever-growing ranks of students who know firsthand thepleasure–and the profit–that come from being your own boss andbringing your business idea to life.



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